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It can be tough to find any time for yourself these days, it can be lonely, and your thoughts can follow things they never did before making you feel disconnected.

Would you like to understand yourself, understand the reasons behind why you think and feel the way you do. Why you remember that same thought over and over, or respond differently to some things.

By giving your mental health the care it needs you can find yourself feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you.


Qualified Counsellor.

As a passionate male counsellor who has worked with a variety of genders, from lots of different backgrounds. I can say I have found a way of working with my clients, that I am confident in and believe can bring change to your life. By being a counsellor who actively engages with you, explores your worries with you and meets the needs you have session to session.

By feeling connected with me, we can work together to help you feel connected to the world, the people you love and more importantly yourself. By exploring why we are feeling lost, anxious, depressed or whatever you may be feeling, we can find ways together on how you can manage your thoughts on your own.

Sometimes rather than trying to fight against anxiety or depression we can have more success working with it, understanding where it stems, how you experience it, and why the mind and body might be feeling this way. Sometimes when we fight against our experiences without the right understanding and tools it can be tough. I’m here to support you through this process.

Hi, I'm Luke.

Face to Face Location

5 Broomfield Road, Sheffield, S10 2SE

07490 200689

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