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Online or Telephone Consultation

Free Consultation.

What to expect.

In this free online, or by phone consultation we can briefly explore what you would like from counselling, your end goal and how we can achieve that together. We do that through an assessment form which allows me to tailor the counselling to your needs. We can also cover what to expect through our sessions together, from the beginning to the end, so you feel comfortable with the process. I'm dedicated to making the experience whatever you need it to be. The consultation is slightly different to a regular counselling session, here is what to expect. It can be a challenging experience or anxiety-provoking to meet for the first time, this is normal and expected. The consultation is how we get to know each other and for you to make sure you're happy to work with me. During the consultation we will work through an assessment to see where you are at, so I know what has been going on for you. I'll also share any thoughts or observations, so you know what I'm thinking aligns with your experience. I can answer any questions you might have, it's OK if you don't have any. I'll also share the general outline of what therapy will look like; this can slightly change as we get deeper into therapy if needed. This will include how I will work with you, the order of things and how we can track how you're doing.

Cancellation Policy

Should you cancel within less than the 48 hours’ notice agreed, or fail to attend an appointment, the full session fee will be charged. The full session fee is also charged if for whatever reason you are late or want to end the session early.

How to contact me.

  • 07490200689

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